The Helena Eye Clinic remains committed to the team approach to eye care and has partnered with experienced local optometrists to continue providing the team approach to eyecare that has served this community so well.

Dr. Wilkerson will continue to provide advanced medical and surgical care for patients ranging from eye exams to cataract surgery, diabetic surgery, macular degeneration treatments and glaucoma treatments.  He will continue to have a pediatric surgeon see patients in Helena to provide a full spectrum of comprehensive and subspecialty care available to the Helena community. 

The mission of the Helena Eye Clinic is to provide a vision of health to all patients regardless of their needs or resources.  With our new eye care network we will continue to provide this care to patients in Helena.  We know that the strength of our community is dependent on the strength of our families that support and encourage a vision of health.  We support Dr. Harberts and his commitment to his family as they transition to Bozeman.  We also reaffirm our commitment to the families of Helena as we work together to provide a vision of health.

Change is never easy and we stand with you to make sure that through this transition we maintain our commitment to providing the best eye care possible. 

We thank you for your support of Dr. Harberts and your support of our clinic as we continue to work as a team to provide you with the best vision of health.