This lower energy painless laser can treat the eye in less than a minute.  When patients develop scar tissue on their implants, they often feel as if their cataract came back.  The Yag laser removes this tissue and restores clear vision.

The Argon laser has multiple uses in eye surgery.  One use is to treat glaucoma.  This disease is a result of the eye pressure becoming too high.  The argon laser helps to lower the pressure by opening the drainage system of the eye.

The argon laser is also used to treat diabetic damage in the retina.  One form of damage is swelling of the retina from diabetes.  Damaged blood vessels leak fluid and cause the swelling.  This causes blurred central vision.  The laser is used to seal the leaking blood vessels.  This stops and reverses the swelling and allows the eye to regain vision.

Diabetes can also cause abnormal new blood vessels to grow.  These blood vessels can cause severe damage to the eye such as bleeding, retinal detachments and blindness.  The argon laser is used to treat the retina and reverse the growth of these blood vessels.

Are any of these lasers available in Helena?  All, except LASIK, are available and performed at the Helena Eye Clinic.

Are lasers used to remove cataracts?  Not yet.  There is a new laser that is being used to assist the surgeon in preparing the eye for cataract surgery.  However, the eye surgeon still needs to perform the major parts of the surgery by hand.  There is no substitute for the skilled hands of a surgeon.  But, lasers represent an important tool for surgeons to provide a vision of health.