However, there is a condition where extra eyelashes grow.  There can be extra rows of lashes that can grow onto the surface of the eye. Some glaucoma medications can cause the eyelashes to grow longer and thicker, but the number of lashes stays the same.

A condition called trichiasis causes the eyelashes to turn inward and grow onto the surface of the eye.  When this happens a person can feel irritation in the eyes.  If the problem persists long enough the surface of the eye can become damaged.  Removing the abnormal eyelashes and follicles can treat this condition.

The eyelashes can also help you see more clearly.  If a person has a focusing problem glasses or contact lenses often help.  But if you squint, then you look through the eyelashes.  This filters out the unfocused light and allows you to see better.  So, you see better when you squint because you’re looking through your eyelashes!

The oil glands that lubricate the eyelashes can be the site of infection and inflammation.  When this occurs, it is called blepharitis.  Treatment can include antibiotics or lid scrubs to remove the excess oil.  The oil glands can also be the site of cancer growth.  Cancers in the eyelid will often destroy the hair follicle causing the loss of eyelashes.

One of the most important functions of eyelashes is that they help to define the appearance of our faces.  A lot of time, effort and money is spent making eyelashes longer and thicker.  So, remember that eyelashes help you see and be seen.

Make sure that your eyelashes and the rest of your eye is healthy by having regular eye examinations.