The risk of developing breast cancer increases if there is a family history of this disease.   Discuss your risks with your doctor to determine when screening mammograms should be performed.

Breast cancer can also affect the eyes.  It is the most common cancer in women to spread to the eyes.  Treatments such as chemotherapy can also have effects on the eyelids and eyes.  It is important to remember eye health when battling this disease.

Treatment for breast cancer includes radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.  Many lives have been saved or lengthened with advancements in these treatments.  These advancements are the result of research and research requires funding.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Helena Eye Clinic will donate proceeds from eyeglass sales to cancer research.  It is my hope that everyone will join the fight to defeat cancer by donating to reasearch and treatment, by raising awareness and by supporting our family and friends who have to face this devastating disease.

As we enjoy the beautiful colors of fall in Montana, lets also be reminded of why October is represented by the color of pink.