August is that time we start gathering school supplies and buying clothes for the new school year.  Our supply lists keep growing as our kids move up the academic scale.  What’s that one very important item that should not be missing from that school supply list…….an eye exam. 

As our kids grow, their vision can change.  Every year of school brings new visual demands and new levels of comprehension.  Did you know that 80% of our learning is through vision?  If the visual system is not working properly then our learning is slowed or stalled.  Vision is more than seeing 20/20, it is how the eyes are working together.

Vision screenings provide less than 4% of vision tests needed to evaluate your child’s vision, more than 60% of vision problems are missed or misdiagnosed.  We are grateful for the vision screenings in our schools, but they are not complete.  We recommend a complete eye exam for every child, every year. 

Helena Eye Clinic cares about your children and wants to make sure every child can have their eyes examined thoroughly by an eye care professional.  We want to make sure that every child has the best opportunity to learn and grow without their vision getting in the way.