Today I spent some time working with the wiring in my home.  I quickly realized what a complicated and dangerous situation I got myself into.  It’s a good thing that our maker made the wiring of the eyes much simpler and reliable.  However, even our wiring system can run into problems.  

This week’s topic covers the subject of dry eye.  This is a very common problem with many different causes.

 Diabetes is a disease where the blood sugar becomes elevated.  It affects nearly 30 million Americans and nearly of third of  these people don’t know they have the disease. 

Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is a common cause of blindness that affects people as they get older.

Last week’s vision of health topic was glaucoma.  This week I will describe the treatments that are currently available to treat glaucoma.

This week’s topic is a review of glaucoma.  This disease is very dangerous to your vision because there usually are no symptoms until the late stages.   Because glaucoma is such a broad subject, I will present it over two weeks.

June is Cataract Awareness Month.  Ophthalmologists are encouraged to increase awareness of what cataracts are and how to treat them.

Welcome back to A Vision of Health.  This series after is dedicated to providing information about visual health.  Each article will present a different topic.  Topics will include information about how the visual system works, diseases and other threats to vision, and treatment and prevention of visual loss.  Topics will also include questions from you and current events of interest for patients.